Category                  : Extracurricular classes
What                        : I-Maths
Program owner     : Chrysalis
What is it                : Creative way to learn mathematical concepts
Age                           : 4 years onwards
Frequency              : Once a week, One and half hours each class
Where                      : Mira Road, Mumbai
Course fee              : INR 9000 for one year – (4 classes a month)
No. of students     : 10 per batch
Rating ****            : (4 stars)

Would I recommend it to other mothers: Yes

I-Maths: An interesting and creative way to start the love for mathematics

The first question – does a 4 year old need a mathematics class? At an age when they are just being introduced to numbers, isn’t it too early to flood their mind with concepts. I thought so too until I took a chance to explore a useful activity that can  keep him away from Oggy for a while. The curriculum seemed both interesting and daunting for a 4 year old. So I took a chance and started class last October.

After six months, I can safely say it has been worth it. I-Maths uses colours, shapes and pictures to help children understand concepts like time, quantity, weight and size among other things. It uses mathematics as a backbone to hone visual and mix and match. The book left me surprised on how a 4 year old’s brain can work analytically when put to use.

The good part is that it includes concepts that the child would not pick up from school textbooks which differentiates this from a tuition class. The better part is that it supports some of the basics from school like counting and reverse counting with different activities which gives a better concept understanding without making the child realize they are actually ‘studying’. Activity wise, they use everything from rubber bands to colours to blocks to balls to give a ‘physical’ feel to mathematics.

A special mention to the wonderful teacher who is patient with the children. I-maths teachers receive special training which equips them with the expertise on teaching these concepts in a way a child can easily pick up and also enjoy.

Wish list: The program needs to include home work sheets that can reinforce the concepts the children learn in class. This would also help keep the parent in loop on what the child is learning.


This article is written by Jayashree R