How It’s Made

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how it's made- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

‘How it’s made’ is a fascinating program about how things that we see in day to day lives are made. For example, we all know that silk is obtained from silk worms. But actually seeing the step by step process of HOW silk is obtained from worms is a fascinating reveal.

In every show, they show how 4 different things are made. Since every product is covered in about 5 minutes,  it is able to get even younger audiences to stay attentive. The subject matters are also so diverse within one show that everybody is sure to find something engaging. Mixing education and entertainment is a tough job and this show is a master at it, combining engaging visuals with factual information that is stated in easy to understand language.

What ZenParent says: If you feel your kids are watching too many cartoons on TV, this is the perfect show that would expose them to so many different things and the science behind how they are made. This show is also available as five minute nuggets that you can watch on YouTube to get a flavour of it.

From ‘How Dream cars like the Bugati Veyron are made?’ to ‘Understanding the mechanism of Guitar strings’ to ‘How Gumball machines work?’; this show covers a wide variety of subjects to engage every member of the family. There are not too many shows  that have content that is appropriate from ages 6 to 60. This is one of those and since its premier in 2001 in Canada, it still continues to be one of the most popular shows to watch worldwide.

Catch up on this show on Discovery Science every Sunday between 8 am- 9 am or 12 pm – 1 pm.