Hollow Tree House -By Enid Blyton

Book review by FEMINA SHERIF


Hollow Tree House -By Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton is an all-time favourite among kids. Her ‘Famous Five’, ‘Secret Seven’, and ‘Noddy’ are amongst the most popular and interesting series. However, ‘Hollow Tree House’ is my personal favourite. The book was published originally in the year 1945.

It is a fascinating piece of work by Enid. It takes you to a higher level of imagination and excitement. The story runs around two siblings, Susan and Peter, and their friend Angela. Angela has a lovely pet dog, named Barker. Instances of true friendship and love are illustrated in many places in the book. The three friends decide to explore the forest nearby and ends up discovering a very huge tree that had a hollow trunk. They felt that it would be a great idea to make a secret abode in this hollow tree. So they set out to decorate their new home with little embellishments and the basic necessities. All these are described in a very interesting and enchanting manner we have come to expect of Enid.



The story progresses with unexpected twists and turns. The negative character, that I believe, in the story is the kids’ aunt, with whom they live. They lead a miserable life with her. She is an epitome of rudeness and brutality. There are multiple instances of child abuse in the story that are heart-breaking.

The most delightful part of the story is the way the children spend their time in the tree house, and how they adorn it. The story throws little suspense towards the climax. It leaves the readers in a state of tension and anxiety, as to how the story will conclude. However, it is a very beautiful thread that ends perfectly on a happy note.

It would be one of the greatest gifts that you could give your child, as it is a truly good read. They would cherish moments of good friendship and mutual help that are portrayed in the book. Hope your little one would have a great time reading this book.

Happy reading!!