GOQii 6 Month Personal Coaching with Fitness Tracker

Product  :  GOQii 6 Month Personal Coaching with Fitness Tracker

Type        :  Fitness tracker to measure your daily activities

Rating     :  ****

Price        :  http://www.amazon.in/GOQii-Personal-Coaching-Fitness-Tracker/dp/B00O1TYGII

Review : After giving birth to a healthy baby girl obviously I started feeling overweight. First year was actually like a bullet train, I did not feel it passing. But when the second year started the feeling of being overweight was like hell. Thus I started my journey of getting fit with GOQii fitness band.

Well GOQii band is a fitness tracker which comes as a package; you get a fitness wearable band, an app where you can log you food, physical activities and related details. They provide a coach specific for you, who works and guide you just as per your own set of goals. Coach will discuss your health and fitness goals and will set a weekly or monthly target. You will be reviewed and motivated by coach on daily basis. Apart from this if we talk about the band it is very soft and stunning in looks which makes you more stylish. It works as a wrist watch as it shows time and date as well, on tapping the surface you can see your step count, calories burned etc. You can easily wear it throughout the whole day and night time without getting it noticed on your arm.

If you are looking for a permanent shift to a healthier life style then GOQii is meant for you. In nut shell the band along with app and coach provide you a fair idea of your health.


Recommendation: I am using the band since last two months and honestly speaking I love it. Although there are some issues (sleep tracking option is manual which is easy to forget) still I would strongly recommend it especially for women.