Go Diego Go

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go diego- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

Why let kids watch just anything, while there are wonderful shows with high educational values and positive messages, on air!

Go Diego Go, is a show created in the same lines as the popular Nick Jr series Dora the Explorer. Diego is Dora’s cousin and lives in Latin America with his computer-savvy sister, Alicia and many exotic animals. The series showcases Diego rescuing animals in trouble.

The series showcases information on animals, their habitats, eating habits and other characteristics. In addition to being very informative, the show also carries the message of respect for nature and love for animals.

The language is simple and very appropriate for young children. Diego also speaks Spanish very often, so don’t be surprised if you hear your child counting or saying some words in Spanish. The show is somewhat repetitive, considering that it is made for pre-schoolers, but it is very entertaining as well as informative.

The title song will not only make you get and dance along with your little one, but will also leave you humming the tune the rest of the day!