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JK Rowling series- Book reviews by ZenParent

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”  – Quote by Albus Dumbledore

Many of us, young and old alike are HUGE Fans of Harry Potter and JK Rowling. She captured our imagination and took us on a journey to remember! Most kids (and adults!) have wistfully wished that they could be students at Hogwarts and perform magic! Such is her power! Here are 11 interesting facts you might not have known about this talented author:

Elephant House in Edinburgh is the cafe where she started writing Harry Potter

1. Rowling had a BA in French from the University of Exeter.

2. She picked JK Rowling as her pen name because the publishers thought a woman writing a wizard story may not be accepted!

3. The Elephant House(pictured above) was the cafe where the first book of Harry Potter took shape. Her favourite seat was by a window in the cafe that overlooked the mysterious Edinburgh Castle.

4. 12 Publishing houses rejected her manuscript!

5. She typed her first book “The Philosopher’s Stone” on a typewriter!

6. She was unemployed and on state welfare when she wrote Harry Potter. Five years later, she became a millionaire.

7. Harry Potter and JK Rowling share the same birthday – July 31st

8. She filled 5 notebooks with Q words before she came up with “Quidditch”

9. She wrote her first book at the age of 6!

10. She seriously considered killing Ron in one of the books!

11. She was an English teacher in Portugal for a period of time!

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