Disney’s Little Einsteins – Books series

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Disney's Little Einsteins - Book Reviews by ZenParent

Theme – A gang of 4 friends – Leo, Annie, June and Quincy go on “missions” with their “Rocket friend” for various adventures.

Initially made as a TV series for American Television, the Little Einsteins series soon branched into books for the target demographic as well. Kids who are familiar with the series, love the books as these are designed to promote interactions with the kids and introduce famous pieces of art and music to them.

Why we like it – The books come in 4 levels starting from a pre-school level that has big pictures, fewer words, and more image substitutions. They progress to level 3 is for kids around 7 years of age, who can read the entire book themselves and is in chapter format. The books are simple to comprehend, have a theme-centric plot and are great for building vocabulary. They also find use in book readings among the age group to have the group repeat or follow instructions like clapping or tapping in unison.

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