Dude, That’s Rude! (Get some manners)

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Manners are that big stumbling block that all parents struggle hard with. The book covers everything from farting to thank-you notes and everything in between. It has a kids-speak section that covers how to be polite in all situations and even speaks about proper internet language. It is a perfect read-aloud book for young kids to help them understand the difference between good and bad manners. There are word lists that tell you what is appropriate and the ones that should be avoided.

Published in 2007, this book, with its colourful illustrations and fun language, aims at teaching kids to be polite and sensitive people.

Many parents find this book hilarious and feel that this book can be used for adults too as a reminder for certain etiquette.

Written by Elizabeth Verdick and Pamela Espeland, this book engages and enthrals its young readers with its exquisite full-page graphics and kid-friendly text.

Get this paperback to teach your kids manners creatively. 🙂

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