Duckbill Hole Books

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Duckbill Hole for kids- Book reviews by ZenParent

If your little one is always hungry for new books to read, try out this series from Duckbill. Famously known as the “Hole books”, these actually come with a hole punched in a corner of the covers, adding to the intrigue value even more!

Filled with exciting escapades, amazing adventures and lively characters, these books are quite a catch for budding readers. Chapter books for children who are beginning to read are quite common in the west. It is a delight to have Duckbill Hole books, written with a much Indian theme for our children. They offer an indigenous advantage to young readers, as they can relate to the stories and the backdrop in an easier way. With 70-80 pages, the stories are not too long and the books are snugly packaged with a large font size, fun illustrations and simple vocabulary, making them extremely likeable by early readers.

ZenParent’s advice: Go hunting for monsters with ‘The Monster Hunters’, root for Maya as ‘She Saves the Day’, or join ‘The Vampire Boy’ who hates blood and craves bread, or witness ‘Trouble with Magic’ as Aunt Malu brews herbal potions, combined with Veena’s wild ideas, or witness ‘Timmy In Tangles’ as she watches the imaginative witch called Idli-amma gobble down her favourite idlis, or just go ‘Bonkers’ with Arman and his new stormy puppy.