Dil Dhadakne Do

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weather kids should watch ddd- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

The movie, like most Bollywood creations is a family saga, with the customary mix of songs, dances, high intensity drama and some stunning visuals. The story centres around the Mehra family spending a special family event on a cruise ship.
Take the opportunity to acquaint your child with the concept of sailing. Ask them how they would like to go on a sail. You could bring up informative discussions on topics like tools and equipment used for sailing, methods to sense direction while on-board, the importance of having good weather knowledge when one sets sail, how the ships are docked, life boats, importance of life jackets and more.
The movie lasts a good 3 hours and might get somewhat tiresome for your kids along the way and this is when they might want to dig into their tub of popcorn, so keep that handy. The music in the movie is nice but not peppy enough for the kids to like so much. While there is no portrayal of violence as such, the movie still calls for parental guidance as there are some shots where display of affection goes beyond a peck on the cheek.
What to look out for: My eight year old was somewhat disturbed with the mention of the word ‘Divorce’ and needed to immediately understand what it meant. What ensued was a theatre full of silent audience overhearing a reassuring mother’s description of what the word meant. Be prepared for occasions like these.

ZenParent Says: It is overall a good entertainer and not an absolute ‘No’ for your child. Go ahead, watch the movie while it is still in theatres, as the big screen shows some terrific shots of the cruise liner and the sea in all its splendour, which can get quite lost when viewed on television.