Despicable Me 1 & 2

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despicable me reviews- Movie Review by ZenParent

The Despicable Me franchise is from Universal Pictures and centers on a “super”-villain, “Gru” (voiced by Steve Carell) and his 3 daughters who were initially adopted with the sole purpose of bringing down his nemesis. The first movie in the franchise shows “Gru” as someone trying too hard to be mean and has mommy issues. The daughters convey brilliant emotions – everything from feeling exhilarated to be betrayed. The whole adoption scenario might be disturbing to parents facing similar situations. But all is well. Gru, it turns out does love his daughters after all and soon starts to become the best dad ever. The second movie in the franchise introduces a potential romance for Gru. The language is mild in both movies and at worst use words like “stupid” or “nutjob”. Perhaps the best aspect of the movies is the introduction of the “minions”, the bright eyed yellow overall clad workers who assist Gru in building all his super weapons. Kids will love the minions and their antics. And it’s a good idea to catch up on this franchise now because the movie “Minions” is set for a summer 2015 release.

Image Source: via Universal Pictures