Counting by 7s

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Counting by 7s is a book written by Holly Goldberg Sloan. Holly has written for many successful Hollywood movies and even directed a few as well. Some of her most successful films include ‘The Big Green’, ‘Made in America’ and ‘Collision course: The crocodile Hunter Movie’


The story is about 12 year old Willow Chance, who is a bi-racial child who is adopted by Caucasian parents. She is a genius who loves nature, diagnosing medical conditions and of course derives a strange comfort in counting by 7s.  One day, she loses both her parents in a car accident. Her life turns upside down and how she learns to deal with this sudden loss and recover is the crux of the plot. The author has wonderfully portrayed the character of Willow as a child who has to deal with being unique (she gets into trouble for being a genius) and being suddenly thrust into the world alone. It is also set in a multi-racial setting with so many different characters all wonderfully woven into the life of Willow. The book has been on the New York Best seller’s list for 17 weeks.

ZenParent Says: This book is recommended for Ages 10 -14. Even though the book is set in tragic circumstances, it is an uplifting read that is about connecting with people, starting all over from scratch and courage. A good read for your Middle schooler.

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