Cinderella 2015

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cinderella 2015 for kids- Movie reviews by ZenParent

No matter how much we grow up, girls are never too old for glass slippers, pumpkin carriages and wicked stepsisters! What am I talking about? I am sure you must have guessed by now.

Yes. We all have fantasized to be like Cinderella at some point in our lives. And here comes another Cinderella movie. Every generation gets a new retelling of this classic fairytale, and this time, it’s replete with high-end digital graphics, singing characters, and cute-looking lizard footmen. Kenneth Branagh has created a live-action fairytale that spares no expense in recreating the magic.

In a gist, this movie is about a sweet, innocent young Ella who’s on her own and loses her mom at a very young age. Her father remarries and her stepmom has 2 daughters. The three women begin treating Ella like a servant, when her dad dies. Things get worse. And then enters the fairy godmother, who rescues her, and make a magic chariot with the help of Ella’s friends- the mice and the birds. Little girls (and their mothers!) will enjoy this scene where Cinderella gets the beautiful blue dress! The prince at the royal ball sees Ella, where she goes on this magic chariot; wearing magic slippers and clothes. The prince falls in love with her then and there, but Ella leaves the party instantly, leaving the prince clueless about her whereabouts. She leaves her glass shoe behind that the prince uses to find her again.

With a revised screenplay by Chris Weitz and CGI magic, the movie has succeeded in capturing Ella’s drastic transfusion of her daily life in contrast to the magical evening with the Prince. Lily James from Downton Abbey is Cinderella and has done complete justice to the character. Richard Madden from Game of Thrones is a believable Prince Charming. Helena Bonham Carter is a quirky fairy godmother. The “ugly sisters aren’t so ugly and have little role to play except a few funny scenes. Which leaves the best or shall we say worst, for the last – a captivatingly sinister Cate Blanchett as the most malevolent stepmother who can’t be compared with anyone who played the role in previous movies. Scheming, cunning and oppressive, her depiction of Lady Tremaine adds an extra dimension and shows why she’s disillusioned. In the end, true love prevails and of course there’s the happily living after.

ZenParent’s favourite line in the movie? “Have courage and be kind.”