Chicco Sit n Ride Train

Product : Toddler Ride on

Brand    : Chicco

Name    : Chicco Sit n Ride Train

Age        :  9 months – 4 years

Price      :  http://www.chicco.in/products/8003670829041.sit-n-ride-train.toys.ride-ons-and-trikes.html



When you are about to celebrate your child’s first birthday or just before, you may contemplate buying a ride on that can be a good company for your child as he/she grows. Among the 4 ride ons that I received as gifts, Chicco’s Sit and Ride Train is the only one going strong after four years! That’s saying a lot, considering it has been thoroughly used by my first boy and now is actively being used by my second one.

At around 1 year (give or take a couple of months) the child can start by pushing the train when learning to walk. The wheels aren’t super smooth and hence don’t go too fast, giving the child more control over speed. Eventually they can learn to sit and ride. The horn, front turning wheel and seat storage lid help develop fine motor skills too.

The best part that differentiates Chicco’s ride on from others is the quality. The edges are smooth, the build is strong (you can imagine what rough times it may have seen with two mischievous boys riding simultaneously) and durable (it’s been dropped from heights, given baths and been used to hide everything from vegetables to unsavory food). Another good part is there are no flashing lights (that invariably break or stop working) or any automatic music (which gets soooo tiresome to hear after a while that you want to break the toy yourself!) and no batteries that can be picked on.

P.S I had the earlier version of the toy without the buttons. The link shows an upgraded version.


This article is written by Jayashree R