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castle for teens- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

Castle is a police investigation drama which is much lighter version of CSI. Since its premier in 2009, Castle, the 8th season of which begins in September, has been widely popular.

The hero of the show is Richard (Rick) Castle, a single dad who is a mystery novelist. Rick experiences writer’s block and influences the mayor of his town to let him shadow a detective in the New York Police department. He goes along with Kate Beckett, an NYPD detective, much against her inclinations and how they solve unusual crimes is the crux of the series. Rick uses his experiences with Kate to write his next bestselling novel.  Rick is also portrayed as a committed loving single dad to his 15 year old daughter and the dynamics of their relationship is great to watch. There is a vein of comedy that runs through the show which adds to its appeal. Unlike the hardcore crime investigation series, this one is lighter-hearted, focusing on the characters.

There is some violence in the show because it IS basically a crime investigation dramedy and there is an ongoing romance between the two main lead characters. There could also be a mention of sex and a few bedroom scenes in various episodes.

ZenParent Says: If your teenager has been wanting to watch castle because his/her friends are watching it, you may want to pre-screen the episode by watching it first, if you have the option of recording it. However overall, the show is ok for ages 13+.