Bumberry Pocket Style Diaper

Product  :  Bumberry Pocket Style Reusable Diaper

Type       : Re-usable cloth diaper

Price      :  http://www.amazon.in/Bumberry-Diaper-Natural-Bamboo-Cotton/dp/B00EYA12YA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1460999416&sr=8-4&keywords=cloth+diaper


Review:  Being a mommy I am always worried for the health of my child, having heard of side effects and skin rashes after use of diapers I tried to search some solution and I got it in the form of cloth diapers.

Bumberry  Pocket Style Reusable Diaper is a cloth diaper which is made up of high quality cloth fabric, it comes with a diaper cover with pad like insert (natural bamboo cotton insert). Although the price appears to be on a higher side but if it suits your kid then you feel it worth.

It is stylish and kid friendly in looks and comes in attractive colors and designs. It is absolutely safe to wear, easy to wash in machine and can be used multiple times. Based on my personal experience I would suggest you to use this awesome product specially when


-Your kid is below 1 year of age (although they recommend it for kids upto 2 years), but I felt it works good when the quantity of urine is under absorption limits of the product

-Your kid is within the normal limits (and not overweight as possibility of rash over thighs increases)

-You want to use it at home only (not outdoors)

-Your kid is not moving too much (as too much movement will disturb the arrangement of the insert)


Recommendation:I purchased two diaper covers with 2 inserts (one insert is enough for using two times based on variable urine output of child), it was really great to use especially at times of afternoon nap of my kid. It can never replace the usual disposable cloth diaper but believe me it is surely worthand highly recommend it  for the tender skin of your little munchkin.