Brother Bear

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kenahi- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

This particular 2D 2003 Disney release, though set in the prehistoric era around caves and spirits, gives out a contemporary message of love and brotherhood. The mystical angle with the adventure stuff intrigues both parents and kids.

The story begins depicting a native American tribe that existed hundreds of years ago. It then introduces Kenai- a young Indian brave who has a particular distaste towards bears. He ends up killing one who tries killing his brother but magically turns into one himself. The 3 characters, namely Sitka, the wisest (voiced by D.B Sweeney) the strong-willed Denahi (voiced by Jason Raize) and the rebellious youngest Kenai (voiced by Joaquin Phoenix) capture most of the attention in the story. Each member of the tribe is represented with a ‘Totem’ on maturity that serves as a guiding factor in their lives and Kenai is given the Totem of love much to his dismay. Kenai hates bears and irresponsibly gets in to a fight with one who tries to steal his fish. Sitka rushes to his rescue but is killed and is transformed into an eagle. Despite being advised by the tribe’s oldest woman to accept the fate, Kenai sets out to avenge the death of his brother but the twist in the story ends up with Kenahi transforming into the bad bear that Denahi begins to think is the killer of both his brothers. A lost Kenai runs around hiding from Denahi and meets a bear cub Koda (voiced by Jeremy Suarez) who promises to take Kenai to the mountain where he can be transformed in to a human again, but lands up teaching him the value of brotherly love on the way. The movie ends on a beautiful note portraying emotionally the realisation of unconditional love and the re union of the all the brothers with an additional member Koda.

There are some movies that we as parents watch for the sake of our kids but they eventually create a niche in our hearts and minds too and stay with us.

Brother Bear is one such movie.