Brain Games TV Show

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brain games for kids- TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

Where to watch:  National Geographic

Brain games is an educational program that explores how the human brain works. The show begins with intriguing questions for which, the viewers have to pick an answer from the choices given. Then they go about explaining how human beings make those choices subconsciously and how we could be so wrong in our perceptions and interpretations. In one episode, they have shown how we make snap judgments based on skin colour, facial features and the dressing styles and how those judgments could be completely wrong.

Brain Games is a fascinating program that you can watch with your whole family. Family members usually make the same errors and assumptions and can have a good laugh when it is explained on how the brain plays tricks on you. Parents must be aware however that some episodes could have certain scary situations and/or bleeped out cuss words.

ZenParent’s Opinion: An interesting insight into Human psychology, this show reveals humans’ instinctive responses and how the brain interprets what the eye sees. It is highly entertaining as it is educational as we are all able to see how we commonly make the same mistakes with such confidence!  It is also a great lesson in the idea that nothing is really what it looks like and one should not jump to conclusions based on just what one sees.

A program to definitely put on your watch list.