Blind Side

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blind side movie for children- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

Blind Side is a 2009 sports movie based on the real life story of American football player Michael Oher. It is based on the book written by Michael Lewis called ‘The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game’. It is written and directed by John Lee Hancock Jr and stars the popular Sandra Bullock.

Story:  Michael Ohr is a homeless African American boy from a broken family situation. He has the physically build of a football player and has the passion for it. As luck would have it, he chances upon an admission into a private school because the coach thinks he has potential. His friend’s mother accidentally finds him walking home one winter night and finds out he is homeless,takes him home for one night and ultimately he becomes part of their family. The interaction of the African American teenager with the affluent Caucasian family is the crux of the story.

The movie portrays a few issues in America like racism, class differences etc. Sandra Bullock gives a fantastic performance as a strong Southern lady which is very different from any other performance that she has given before. This movie earned her an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the role as best actress and it was also nominated for Best Picture in that year. The movie has a bit of violence and references to drug and sex in a few scenes.

ZenParent Says: Overall, Blind Side is a feel good, sports movie that is appropriate for kids 13+. The biographical movie is engaging, inspiring and definitely a good watch for the whole family.