Bend it Like Beckham

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Bend it like Beckham is a 2002 movie directed by an Indian director, Gurinder Chadha. It stars a smattering of Indian actors like Parminder Nagra, Anupam Kher and the popular Keira Knightley as well.

Story:  The story is about Jasminder, an 18 year old Indian Sikh girl who lives in London. She is passionate about football (soccer) and pursues football secretly much against her parent’s wishes. Her parents believe that a girl’s only role in life is to learn how to cook and settle down with an Indian boy. They also think it is unthinkable to play a sport like football where a girl bares her legs. The movie is about how she joins a local league and works her way to the top of the league and ultimately wins a scholarship.

There is a little bit of romance and some relationship issues which are ironed out along the way between Jasminder and her friend Julie who also plays in the same league. This movie is about breaking gender and racial stereotypes on what a girl should do. It portrays a very realistic picture of the expectations that parents have of their children and how children struggle to step out of that to reach their own aspirations. The film was such a hit that it has been made into a Broadway musical this year. There is some implied sexual content and a discussion on homosexuality in the film.

ZenParent Says: Bend it like Beckham is a delightful movie to watch with your older teenager (13+). The movie is well taken, funny and a feel good experience. Definitely a must see!

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