Ben 10 Omniverse

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ben 10 omiverse: TV Show Reviews by ZenParent

Background: The original series revolved around how the main protagonist of the show- Ben Tennyson, with his cousin, Gwen and their grandfather, Max discover the Omnitrix- an alien device that allowed anyone who wore it, the ability to turn into extraterrestrial beings. This eventually leads to Ben owning the device and becoming more like a Superhero who begins helping people by saving them from the bad aliens in the show. Vilgax and various other villains keep the story entertaining for the kids.

Why it got famous? The show became so popular among kids that it extended from the first series with Ben also aging in the newer series, to “Ben 10: Alien Force”, “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” to finally “Ben 10: Omniverse” presently. Also, there are online games on cartoon network’s website for kids to enjoy playing Ben 10 games and even watch all the episodes.

ZenParent’s opinion: In this latest series, Ben has been able to successfully own a new; more advanced Omnitrix that allows him to reach across more aliens with more options of transformations allowed by the device. There’s a new character in this series called Rook Blonko and both Ben and him have teamed together to fight against the villains.

What’s new for the kids to watch: Will Ben be able to win the Time war this time?