Bang On The Door- Two Books In One by Marks and Spencer

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bang on the door triceratops book for 3 year old- Book Reviews by ZenParent

These books are by far the best way to get a child interested in books in the first place. The books are so colourful that a child would pick them up from the messiest of piles. The book I picked up has two sections- one for the alphabet and one for numbers.

In the alphabet section, the writers have made an effort to include as many animal names as possible. Each letter is written in both capital and small letters, and is accompanied by a sketch of the animal in question. If that weren’t enough, a short poem or a snippet of information about the animal is also found on the same page.

ZenParent Says: In the numbers section, there are again sketches. Each sketch represents a number. This section is very interactive and tries to teach numbers in a question and answer format. For example, at one particular number, the book asks the kid to add a certain number of spots to the sketch. It is an absolutely simple and fun way to learn numbers.

Research has shown that kids are able to learn better when they can create a story about it. This book helps them do just that. Not only will your kid know that E is for elephant, but he’ll also be able to tell you that an elephant’s trunk is actually its nose.

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