Academics and Beyond- It’s a generation of Gam‘e’-learning

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spicetoons- Reviews by ZenParent

Today, little ones are efficiently swiping the screens of our mobiles and iPads without our teaching them. And even before we realise, they are so comfortable with technology that we too get shocked at times as to how much more they know at such a young age already.

And when it comes to a sound understanding of getting better at academic subjects to logical reasoning and strategising; online games for kids have a lot to offer.

The catch for the parents who think games mostly consume a lot of their kids’ valuable time? These games should just not be entertainment based but kids should yearn some learning out of them too.

Thankfully, with the e-learning and smart entertainment ecosystem coming into place in India, we have multiple players that cater specifically to children and their needs. Companies like i2Play, the brains behind Spicetoons, are of the opinion that this wave is here to stay and will grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years.

Spicetoons, a virtual world for children, not only provides fun and entertainment but also progressive learning through various activities and games within the setup at an individual level. Progressive learning is an important mechanism that Spicetoons claims to offer to the participants that will help them surpass each level with inbuilt stories and clues within the games, thereby, evoking the interrogative and curious side among the children and bucking them up to resolve their unanswered queries by identifying for solutions themselves; then and there. And it is a known fact that when an individual figures out a way on their own; it remains in their memory. This very achievement of exploring solutions voluntarily is a great learning for the kids.

Through an online community built for children, Spicetoons, encourages collaborative learning as well. The community managers within the world of gamification facilitate new entrants the opportunity to explore, interact and strategize various techniques to surpass every level within the various tasks by competing among various participants.

While children have unlimited access to internet and online games through hand held devices; the concerns for their privacy, safety and most of all, the knowledge gained out of using a certain device, are valid. Catering to this concern as well, Spicetoons allows full parental access that is the key with which the children can get into the setup.

No one wants their kids to be spoon-fed; so, why not take introduce Spicetoons and let them explore this virtual world themselves?