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abcd 2 dance movie- Movie Reviews by ZenParent

With a young star cast of Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and some energetic dancers like Lauren Gottlieb, Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Yelande; this 3D-Dance film has managed to appeal the younger audience much more strikingly. Prabhu Deva is yet again back with some of the best contemporary dance moves. So, there is a good chance that kids will enjoy this movie.

The story begins with childhood friends Suresh and Vinnie coming together to participate in a national level dance competition.  As luck would have it, Suresh and Vinnie’s team gets disqualified in the competition, when their dance steps are deceitfully copied and used by their rivals. Unfortunately, they also get labelled as ‘cheaters’ in the contest.

The animosity of the event persists, but life after the competition goes on for these youngsters as Suresh, Vinnie and others move on and get busy with their respective livelihoods, until one day, Suresh bumps into Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), dancing at a club. There, they come together to showcase their unparalleled dancing talent by pooling up some of the best dancers and also inviting the dancing whizz- Vinnie to come together for an International hip-hop competition.

What follows is some intense practice, qualifying in Bengaluru and moving to Las Vegas for the final competition. After much training and preparation, the team fails to perform an ambitious dance formation, and fall down. They refuse to give up and try the formation again only to accomplish it; to the wonder and amazement of onlookers. They fail to win the competition, but do manage to win the hearts of millions!

What to look out for: Besides showcasing some inimitable dancing moves, the film’s take on friendship, determination and team spirit can be a good  take-away for your child. Except for a few lip-locks in the movie, the film can be watched with the family.

ZenParent Says: ABCD 2 is a good, onetime watch; especially if you or your kids are fond of dance and music!

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