A Wrinkle in Time

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“A  Wrinkle in Time” is a classic sci-fi novel from 1963, written by Madeline L’Engle. L’Engle was an American author who successfully published many books and was inducted into the New York Writer’s Hall of fame in 2011.


It is about the time-travelling adventures of Meg Murray, her friend Calvin O’Keefe and brother Charles Wallace as they set off to rescue her father from another planet. Her father is a scientist who is being held captive in that planet. Meg and Co. travel across time through ‘tessering’ which is the quickest way to travel in space and time to reach her father.

Plus:  Meg’s portrayal as a character who feels awkward, wears glasses and always get into trouble, is appealing for a lot of children. The book also talks about a lot of good values like courage, individuality and being yourself.  The amazing thing about the book is that it has a female lead in a sci-fi book which is bold for the 1960s.  Interesting for a sci-fi novel, it is love that enables Meg to finally defeat the villain and rescue her father.

Acclaim: The book has won many awards including the Newberry Medal and has been continuously in print since its publication in 1963! Interestingly the book also features in the list of “Frequently banned books” for being anti-Christian, though the author strongly refuted that accusation.

This book is recommended for Ages 9 and up. A great classic read, this book has stood the test of time and is a must read for your primary schooler.