1001 Nights

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1001 nights- TV Show reviews by ZenParent

TV watching, though restricted is not completely banned for my children.There are some very educational shows on Televisionwhich I encourage the kids to watch, at the same time the entertaining shows also influence the kids and open them up to new concepts. The show 1001 Nights, based on an Arabic classic folklore is a hot favourite with my 8 year old daughter.

Theme:The central character, Scheherazade, in the frame story, believes that the power and intrigue of her stories will be able to keep her husband from killing her or any more of his wives. Each episode is a story that she narrates to her husband in this quest. The stories are filled with adventure and excitement and are all based on Arabic literature.

Violence: Barring an occasional heroic fight or a struggle, shown in immense subtlety and mostly with a message, this show is purely designed keeping young audience in mind.

Language: The language is appropriate and easy to understand for children this age.

ZenParent’s Opinion: Full of mischief, valour andadventure, this animated series on Discovery Kids is entertaining, with some moral lessons flowing.

The Show airs from Monday to Friday at 09:00 PM.