Sugar-Free Banana Power Cookies

20 min cook time
10 min prep time
Preperation Time:
10 mins
Cooking Time:
20 mins


  1. 3 ripe bananas
  2. 2 cups rolled oats
  3. 1 cup raisins
  4. 1/3 cup olive oil
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  6. Walnuts or any nuts of your choice (optional)

nutrition facts

Calories77.2Total Fat3.5 g
Cholesterol0.0 mgSodium1.1 mg
Total Carbs15.2 gDietary Fiber1.8 g
Protein1.1 g

nutrition facts

Cholesterol0.0 mg
Total Carbs15.2 g
Protein1.1 g
Total Fat3.5 g
Sodium1.1 mg
Dietary Fiber1.8 g


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a big bowl, mash the bananas. Stir in the oats, raisins (or any other dried fruit of your choice), oil, vanilla and nuts. (if you plan to use it)

Mix well, and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Drop spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven or until lightly brown.







Bananas are a great food to eat for an energy boost.

Here’s a list of some of the greatest benefits of bananas:

Calories – Bananas are extremely sweet fruit and the majority of people love them. It’s a great way to eat a sweet snack that doesn’t ruin your diet.

Potassium – Bananas are known for their high potassium content. The average banana has over 400 mg of potassium. Potassium is necessary for good nerve and muscle function including one of the most important muscles, the heart. Potassium also helps you maintain good balance fluids in your body. This can help protect you from dehydration as well as other problems such as heat stroke.

Fiber – A single banana has roughly 3 g of fiber. This type of fiber can make you feel fuller longer and will help keep your digestive system healthy.

Vitamin C – Many people think of oranges when you mention vitamin C. What many people don’t realize is those bananas also have a high content of vitamin C as well. An average size banana contains between 10 and 20 mg of vitamin C, which can account for up to 30% of your daily recommended intake. Vitamin C has been known to help boost the immune system, improve absorption of other vitamins and minerals, and help improve cell health and function.

Vitamin B-6 – vitamin B is commonly found in meat products. If you don’t like the taste and need for a vegetarian, then bananas are excellent sources of the vitamins as well. A single banana can supply up to 40% of your daily B6 needs.

Manganese- Bananas also contain manganese. The average human needs between 1.8 and 2.3 mg of manganese per day. A banana can contain up to .5 mg of this needed mineral.

Carbohydrates –Having a banana after your work out is a great way to replenish carbohydrates after your workout.

No Fat or Cholesterol – Bananas naturally have no fat or cholesterol. They also have next to no sodium.

Happy Bowel Health – One medium-size banana has roughly 4 g of fiber. If you eat one banana day as part of your healthy diet, it will help you maintain a working digestive system and help the bowel system do its work.

Oats is a healthy whole grain and is extremely beneficial for good health. Here’s why you should eat more of these oh-so-wholesome whole grains:

Oats boast an impressive nutritional profile – One cup of oats provides 6 g of protein and 4 g of fibre. Fibre is a multitalented nutrient, protecting us from any number of potential health problems.

Oats fill you up. For all that nutritional intensity, one cup of plain, whole grain, cooked oats will only cost you 147 calories. But it’s not the calories in oatmeal that fill you up – it’s the fibre. In addition, the grain falls on the low end of the glycemic index and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Oats may help reduce cholesterol. Among all grains, oats have the highest proportion of soluble fibre. This gel-like fibre transits your intestinal tract and may help trap substances associated with high blood cholesterol.

Oats are diabetes-friendly. For the same reason that the fibre in oats helps to stave off hunger, it also helps to steady the levels of glucose in the bloodstream.

Oats support healthy digestion. The insoluble fibre in oats scrubs through the intestines, moving food along and helping to prevent constipation.

These flourless, sugarless cookies are potassium powerhouses and an excellent munchie to snack on.