Pinwheel Veggie Wraps

10 min cook time
10 min prep time
Preperation Time:
10 mins
Cooking Time:
10 mins


1 tablespoon shredded carrot
1 tablespoon shredded zucchini
2 tablespoon  spreadable cheese at room temperature
1 whole-wheat flour tortilla, about 8 inches in diameter


Blot the shredded vegetables dry with a paper towel.
Spread the cheese evenly over the tortilla, all the way to the edges.
Sprinkle the vegetables on top of the cheese, leaving about 1 inch uncovered on one side.
Starting on the vegetable-covered side, roll up the tortilla into a tight cylinder (the exposed goat cheese will act as a glue to hold the cylinder together).
Trim the ends, and then slice the cylinder crosswise into pinwheels.

If your child is looking for a little bit more substance, these veggie wraps are the perfect healthy bite they can enjoy without spoiling their dinner. You can also substitute any of the ingredients to satisfy your picky eater. Not to mention, they are perfect to wrap up and bring on the go.


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