Mixed lentils Dosa

35 min cook time
5 min prep time
Preperation Time:
5 mins
Cooking Time:
35 mins

nutrition facts

Serving Size483 gCalories1,217
Calories from Fat37Total Fat4.1g 6%
Trans Fat0.0gCholesterol0mg 0%
Sodium94mg 4%Total Carbohydrates219.9g 73%
Protein82.3gVitaminA 0%
Iron96%Nutrition GradeB-
Vitamin C0%Calcium56%
Dietary Fiber39.5g 158%Sugars9.0g

nutrition facts

Serving Size483 g
Calories from Fat37
Trans Fat0.0g
Sodium94mg 4%
Vitamin C0%
Dietary Fiber39.5g 158%
Total Fat4.1g 6%
Cholesterol0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates219.9g 73%
VitaminA 0%
Nutrition GradeB-


Wash all the dals and millet under tap water until you get a clear water

Boil 4 cups of water and soak all the above ingredients in the warm water and close the lid.If you have time, it is better to soak it overnight for 5-6 hours

  1. It will double in size.Grind all the ingredients in a food processor until dosa batter consistency
  2. You can keep this batter for fermentation.As fermentation is more nutritious
  3. Otherwise,Let it stand for 20 minutes before cooking.Add salt and your batter is ready
  4. Heat a Non-stick pan,pour a ladle of batter and spread the batter in round circular motion with the ladle like dosa
  5. Cook on a medium flame until the dosa is brown and crisp.flip it .cook on the other side until crisp
  6. Your mixed lentils dosa is ready.Serve it with chutney or sambar.

Mixed lentils dosa is a healthy and easy dosa you can make.No need of fermentation or no rice is added this makes it high in protein.if you have time fermentation is better as it is more nutritious.

Benefits of lentils

Lentils contain a high amount of protein.so if you are aiming to lose weight.This is the best food you can have

It contains high level of soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol and lowering the risk of heart disease

It maintains the blood sugar level

Lentils are also great source of magnesium and folate .magnesium improves the blood flow to the heart and folate decreases the homocysteine level which is a risk factor for heart disease

It helps to prevent constipation as it also has insoluble fibers

Lentils are also a good source of iron, which transports oxygen throughout your body and is key to energy production and metabolism.