Healthy Red Velvet Brownies your children will love

35 min cook time
20 min prep time
beetroot brownies for kids ways to make at home- Recipes by ZenParent
Preperation Time:
20 mins
Cooking Time:
35 mins



  1. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C
  2. Cover the baking pan with greaseproof/parchment paper and grease the mold slightly. Melt the chocolate using a double boiler or in a bowl placed over boiling water.
  3. Remove the skin from the beets and puree the beets. Add the vanilla extract and mix together.
  4. Beat the eggs with the salt, gradually add the sugar and beat until light yellow in color, frothy and thick.
  5. Add the beetroot puree and melted chocolate and stir gently. Mix the flour, ground almonds, cocoa powder and baking powder and mix with the wet ingredients.
  6. Pour the batter into the prepared tin and bake for approximately 35 minutes. Allow approximately 30 minutes to cool down in the mold. Remove the brownies from the mold, sieve a little cocoa powder and cut into squares.

BEETROOT is a vegetable that provides nutrients from both roots and leaves.

Nutrients: The beetroot greens are rich in calcium, iron, Vitamins A and C. The beetroots are a very good source of fibre, manganese and potassium and an excellent source of folic acid. Both the greens and roots are a good source of phosphorous, magnesium, iron and Vitamin B6. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can reduce the risk of many diseases such as beri beri, night blindness, rickets, osteomalacia, diarrhea etc. The high fibre content in beetroot acts as a laxative and promotes bowel movement. The nitrates present in beetroot have shown to increase stamina. Consumption of beets help in performing better in physically strenuous exercises. It is also known to enhance brain activity and development.

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