Cabbage apple coleslaw

15 min cook time
5 min prep time
Preperation Time:
5 mins
Cooking Time:
15 mins









¼ cup vinegar or apple cider vinegar


Pepper powder

Chilli flakes

Walnuts or almonds for garnishing

1 tablespoon Oil


nutrition facts

Serving Size427 gCalories296
Calories from Fat126Total Fat14.0g 22%
Saturated Fat1.8g 9%Trans Fat0.0g
Cholesterol0mg 0%Sodium51mg 2%
Potassium594mg 17%Total Carbohydrates42.0g 14%
Dietary Fiber8.3g 33%Sugars26.8g
Protein2.2gVitamin A204%
Calcium5%Vitamin C42%
Iron8%utrition GradeB+

nutrition facts

Serving Size427 g
Calories from Fat126
Saturated Fat1.8g 9%
Cholesterol0mg 0%
Potassium594mg 17%
Dietary Fiber8.3g 33%
Total Fat14.0g 22%
Trans Fat0.0g
Sodium51mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates42.0g 14%
Vitamin A204%
Vitamin C42%
utrition GradeB+


  1. Wash and shred the cabbage finely as possible
  2. Peel apple,deseed and cut into thin long match stick sizes.(Apples can change the color due to oxidation so its better to add it last)
  3. In a bowl ,Add the shredded cabbage,apple sliced into thin and long sticks,shredded carrot,onions chopped,coriander leaves and striped capsicum and mix well with a fork
  4. Add honey to the above mixture
  5. Heat oil in a pan,add vinegar or apple cider vinegar,pepper powder,chilli flakes,salt  on a medium flame and let it start boiling.Switch off the flame.This is the salad dressing
  6. Pour the salad dressing over the vegetables and Toss it well
  7. Garnish with almonds or walnuts.
  8. Your coleslaw is ready

Coleslaw is a salad consisting mainly of raw shredded cabbage with vinegar as a salad dressing.This can be stored in air tight container for 1 week or two.