4 Refreshing Lassi Recipes Perfect For The Summers



Mango And Saffron Lassi

This delicious combination of fruit and curds is refreshing and is sure to be favorite among the kids. The fruity burst from the fresh mangoes is to die for.

Cardamom Lassi

Cardamom is a widely used Indian spice and is stocked in most of our homes. The little green jewels are full of flavor and can be added to a host of dishes varying from summer drinks, cookies and cakes. It lifts a dish to a whole new level. The Cardamom Lassi is easy and is sure to be a regular drink which can be enjoyed by all.

Carrot Lassi

Juicy and fresh Carrots are not just healthy but they taste great too. This beta-carotene rich Carrot Lassi Drink is filled with flavor and can be  whipped up in a few minutes. A delicious snack or post-meal drink, this lassi is a must try!

Healthy Malai Lassi Without Malai!

Malai Lassi is India’s most cherished drink. But this drink is always calorie loaded and not an everyday drink with all our sedentary lifestyles. Learn to make a delicious Malai Lassi without using any calorie rich ingredients like cream but is bursting with flavor.

Lassi is a popular traditional yoghurt based drink with it’s origin from Punjab. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes, fruit.

Lassis are enjoyed chilled as a hot-weather refreshment. Here are 4 delicious, easy-to-prepare and healthy lassi recipes that are just perfect for the summers. Enjoy!