3 Super Tasty Savory Biscuit Recipes To Cook Along With Your Kids




These delicious and chunky savory biscuits are a wonderful treat to snack on. The all purpose flour used in the recipe can be replaced with whole wheat flour or a mixture of different grains to make it healthier.

These chewy biscuits store well. And can be packed up in snack boxes or are a fun goodie to carry to picnics or on long road trips. Enjoy!


These do sound like loads of fun isn’t it?!! Yup they are. Crispy Pizza Cookies are a real treat for kids and adults alike. Tastes exactly like a cheesy pizza but they are cookies!! These pizza cookies are sure to be a great hit at kiddie birthday parties. Whip these up in minutes and you have delicious tasting Pizza Cookies in no time.


These delicious and crispy treats are a healthy option to munch on in between meals. They are mildly spiced and taste great with your evening cuppa. These crackers store well if kept in air-tight containers. You can also use these crunchy crackers as canapes with toppings of your choice – cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint or coriander leaves etc…

Biscuits are always a super hit with kids. But most cookies are loaded with sugar.

Here are fun and interesting savory biscuits that are tasty and are sure to excite your kids.

These savory biscuits are super simple to prepare and makes use of ingredients that are mostly available in your pantry.

Have fun cutting them up into shapes and baking them with your little helpers in the kitchen. Enjoy!