Your pregnancy this week- WEEK 34

Nature is beautiful. Just when you thought that your bump couldn’t get bigger, lookie there, it has grown bigger!A major change that takes place in your body is blurry vision, thanks to the pregnancy hormones. As a result, you may not only find yourself prey to blurry vision, but also dryness and irritation in your eyes. Talk to your doctor and see if you can procure some eye drops to relieve you of dryness in your eyes. Don’t get too used to the dryness as your tears are going to return when you see your little one finally in your arms!As your due date approaches, you are also likely to feel a little blue – maybe because you are thinking that you may not get that much attention once the baby is born. Talk to your family, your partner, your doctor about these blues. While you battle those blues, consider preparing yourself for labour, if you intend on having a natural delivery.Talk to your doctor on options for epidural, painless delivery. Revise your prenatal yoga stretches and breathing exercises (they really help!). One fun method is to go on a Chandler Bing focused Friends marathon so that you have a constant humor channel in your mind as you delivered your baby.  Also consider the newer options of delivery such as water childbirth.This would be the best time for you to start preparing yourself for the new baby by amping up your observation and intuitive skills – you are going to need them after your baby arrives, as the little one can’t talk. Teach yourself to trust your instinct and intuition.