Your man’s semen can actually be good for you while pregnant!

Sex during pregnancy can be a tough one, especially with the huge belly. But, thank God for oral sex! Yes, you read that right. Oral sex is as safe as normal sex, even during pregnancy and there is no reason for you to stop your man from going down there. And if you are wondering how to go down on your partner when you are pregnant or ask him to go down because you have your needs too, here’s all that you ever need to know about oral sex during pregnancy.

1. Yes you can swallow semen

If you thought swallowing semen would make you conceive again (may be having twins), we are sorry to burst your bubble! In fact, studies reveal that a little semen might also help you keep morning sickness at bay. Studies also reveal that pregnant women vomit because their bodies reject the genetic material in the sperm, as a foreign substance. However, swallowing and ingesting the sperm of the baby’s father can apparently build up immunity! So it definitely is not a bad idea to give your man a BJ.

2. Things can get a little wetter!

Pregnancy causes fluctuations in the progesterone levels and as a result, your parts tend to get a little more fluid-y than normal. However, there is nothing dangerous about it. So, if you and your partner are up for oral sex, don’t let that libido drop on the account of some extra flow.

3. No tongues on the vagina

Let’s admit it! No matter how hard we brush or gargle, our mouths are full of bacteria. And the last thing you want during pregnancy is bacteria entering your body. Bacteria from a man’s mouth can enter your body through the vaginal canal or uterus, leading to a whole lot of infections. This can sometimes lead to preterm labour or the need for antibiotics. So dear men, while you can lick outside the vagina to give your lady love the big O, refrain from putting your tongue inside.

4. Don’t blow!

Studies reveal that a sudden burst of air could block a blood vessel, causing potential problems for you and your child. However, according to experts, the possibility of an air embolism is rare so make sure you are not worrying too much about it while giving or receiving one.

5. Get comfortable

Last but definitely not the least; get comfortable before you get at it. Bending down with your hand against the couch for a doggy might not be a great thing to try, with that bump coming midway. So get the position right, grab a few extra pillows to avoid hurting your back or neck and don’t get excited about trying out something new. Remember, sex during pregnancy often goes beyond a comfortable mattress.

Feature Image Source: Cafemom