Working Out During Pregnancy: Things to Keep in Mind

working out during pregnancy

Things to keep in mind while working out during pregnancy

Exercise in any form is good during pregnancy. It helps circulation, keeps your bowel movements good and easy, prevents haemorrhoids, etc. If you are having a healthy pregnancy and no restrictions from your doctor go ahead and work out.

Pregnancy is also a time when the body is more prone to injuries, but that should not deter you from working out. Keep in mind certain things when you work out and you should have no issues at all:

  • Listen to your body
    Try and be aware of how your body responds and when it feels overworked. Moderate your workouts so as to not over do it.
  • Lying on your back
    Since lying on your back makes the uterus put excess pressure on the vena cava (vein bringing blood back to the heart from lower limbs) it is best to avoid such exercises.
  • Avoid high-impact workouts
    Your joints are prone to injury (relaxin hormone relaxes the joints now) so it is best to avoid high-impact workouts.
  • No rapid switches or changes in movement
    Any rapid change of position (standing up quickly from a bent position, etc.) could cause a dizzy spell so avoid them.
  • Avoid falls
    The belly has now made you a little unsure of your balance. Avoid activities which need you to balance as you could have a fall.
  • Avoid overheating of the body
    The pregnancy has raised your core body temperature. Working out further increases body temperature, too high and it could have be harmful to the foetus.