Working Mothers – Things You Need to Know

working mothers

Things you need to know as a working mother 

Having a baby is a big change and going back to work post the baby a bigger change for you as well as the entire family. As you try and handle your work commitments and family time, it would be of great help to organize your schedule so as to do justice to both.

Tips to take care of the baby being a working mother:

  • If going back to work, you will need help with the baby
  • If you have family at home who are willing and able to handle the baby while you are away at work, great! Problem sorted
  • You could hire a maid (ayah) for the baby. You get maids who work 12 hour shifts such that it would fit in with your office schedule
  • You could put your child in a nursery/ crèche. Ask around there will be numerous options available working around your timetable.
  • Adhere to your work timings so that you do justice at both work and home.
  • Ask for as much notice as possible in case you need to work extended hours or go on an official trip
  • Establish a routine and your child will know when she will see you.
  • When with the baby, avoid getting distracted so as to get quality time together.
  • Make the most of the weekends you get with family and do something fun.

Maintaining a work-family balance with a baby:

  • Let guilt go - seriously - This is one of the most important things to remember as a working parent. Going on a guilt-trip is one of the worst ways to torture yourself at this time. Remember, you’ve made a choice and it is for your family’s best.
  • Establish and build a support system - They say it takes a village to raise a child, for good reason. Talk to people who you trust who can enable you and help you out when you need them. Always have a back-up plan ready.
  • Set your own standards - Every family operates differently and has different needs. Figure out a system where you need not be a perfectionist. Live by the personalised set of standards that you’ve set instead of setting yourself up for trouble by comparing yourself to other mothers.

And always remember as we’ve tried to establish before, the decision to go back to work is yours to make. Do not feel guilty about whatever decision you take. If your baby is upset during the times you get with her just be patient and do not blame yourself for it, in all probability she just misses you and wants attention and some show of love.