These women admit exactly what happens to a woman’s body post delivery!

Gone are the days when women longed to lose their post-pregnancy flab and get back to their skinny self. Today, women take their own sweet time to get rid of their post-baby curves and have absolutely no qualms showing off their ‘newly gained’ flesh too. After all, giving birth is to a human is no easy feat!

In fact, we even know of women (celebs and otherwise) who wore their stripes and scars proudly. These ladies came out and about and spoke about their post-pregnancy bodies and we couldn’t agree more!

1.    Aishwarya Rai

We all know the fat shaming Ash had to face when she scorched the Cannes red carpet soon after Aaradhya was born. From her outfit to her makeup and of course her disproportionate body, this mommy was under the scanner was more than one reason. However, the ex Miss World silenced them all with a fitting reply:

"I’ve always been a person who’s been extremely comfortable in my own skin. If I wanted to get in super sexy, slim or whatever the adages are, it is so easy today! You can get that done instantly and please, we are from showbiz… we know everyone in the business! Weight gain, especially post-pregnancy, is a natural process depending on metabolism and if it does happen, IT’S FINE! It’s not who you are on the outside that matters"

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2.    Kareena Kapoor

Second on our list is the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor. While Bebo ruled the roost through her pregnancy with stylish maternity fashion and pregnancy rules which turned tables for other women, she had also gained over 18 kg when she was carrying Taimur. And this is how the actress felt about it:

“My aim is not just to lose the weight I had put on. I don’t want to do it overnight. It may take longer, but I want to feel light, happy and energetic throughout the process. And that is important. Attaining a healthy weight is a matter of mindful eating, dedication, and determination."

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3.    Shveta Slave

Shweta was all over the place when she was pregnant, be it for her gorgeous maternity shoot or the lovely pictures she posted on Instagram. After her little daughter was born, Shveta took to Instagram to talk about her postpartum body and what it truly meant to her.

Miracle is the first word that comes to my mind .. It still feels like only yesterday she was inside me . I felt you from the inside and today I hold you in my arms and can actually feel you and touch you with my hands. A woman's body is Magical and no wonder great artists , sculptors , poets , painters have in so many ways tried to beautify it .. But it achieves its true form of praise after this transformation. Nothing is the same like before, not my arms nor my thighs,not my breasts nor my hips , but I have never been more proud of this body of mine than now . Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle before n after pregnancy definitely helps it to snap back closest to its original self. So be proud my fellow mommies and mommies to be.. This Journey reflects the Miracle of Life ... Remember You are Beautiful inside and out.

4.    Carol Gracias

Yet another mommy who took her bump to the ramp, Carol mentioned to a leading news agency about what made her take her bump to the ramp, shattering stereotypes that models today swear by.

"I am not a spokesperson for pregnant women, we all have different lives and issues. But if just walking the ramp with my baby bump can help women realize that our swollen bellies, feet, and breasts are not just a thing to suffer through, these are things that make us beautiful, as long as we let ourselves feel that way, that is welcome."