Why you should quit smoking right now.

Smoking has never been a good habit. But now that you're pregnant, quitting has never been more important.Why should I stop smoking?You probably already know that smoking during pregnancy is bad for both you and your baby. But did you know just how many problems it can cause?Smoking while pregnant increases your risk of having:
  • a miscarriage
  • complications, including bleeding and problems with the placenta.
  • a premature labour
  • a baby with a low birth weight
  • a baby who is stillborn
In addition, smoking while you're pregnant can cause all sorts of issues for your baby as he grows. He'll be at a higher risk of:
  • wheezy coughs
  • problems with hyperactivity and attention
  • behavioural issues
Sadly, smoking during pregnancy even increases the risk of your baby dying during the first few years of his life by up to 40%.  So quitting is a really important step to take now.Making the decision to quit is a huge first step, so congratulations!You could try going cold turkey, or else cut down gradually.If neither of these works for you, you could also try patches, lozenges or a gum. Experts aren't sure that these are completely safe for you and your baby, but they are safer than smoking.Avoid places and activities that you associate with smoking. If you usually smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee, cut out the coffee and have breakfast instead. If you want to reach for a cigarette after a meal, try going for a gentle stroll to break the habit. The key is to find a way to distract yourself until the craving has passed. With determination and keeping your baby’s good health in mind, you can motivate yourself to quit.It would be good to mention increased risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the baby.