Baby record book: Things to put in it

baby record book

Why you might want to get a baby record book now: Things to put in it

One of the common complaints mothers have is that they remember almost nothing of the actual childbirth or the first few years of the baby’s lives. Everything happens so fast that it is more often than not a blur.

This is where a baby journal comes in really handy. Noting down the important aspects of your child’s first few years is an important keepsake when your memory fails you. Also down the years it is a nice thing to look back on and read. If you do plan to have more children, a baby journal can also be a good guide to help you the next time around.

You can always get yourself one of those readily available ones from the market or you could make one for yourself (if you want to give it that personal touch).

Things you could put into a baby record book are:

  1. Milestones
    Starting from when she turned over to when she crawled, etc. you can pretty much record anything you consider a milestone in this journal
  2. Feelings
    You could make a note of how you felt and how the daddy felt at each phase/ stage. You could also maybe write a letter to your child at various stages which would be something truly special down the years.
  3. Family and Friends
    You could write about all those people who were by your side through the journey and what each of them had to say for the baby. What better way to capture best wishes and emotions?

Remember though maintaining a baby journal is no mean feat. Set aside some time each day to make your entries, that way you won’t lose the momentum too! And if you can’t keep at it, don’t worry it’s fine that way too!