When to go for maternity leave?

when can i start maternity leave

Why it might be a good time to start your maternity leave now, if you haven’t already

You are almost at the end of your final trimester and it will be any day now that you will have the little one in your arms. Life is increasingly uncomfortable with the growing belly, aching limbs and hyperactive hormones. You might be still working, for reasons of your own – so that you get more holidays once the baby is actually there, you do not want to sit around idly at home, etc. You’ve been constantly asking yourself this question - “When can I take maternity leave?. You want to push yourself till the last possible moment because you want to spend as much time as possible with your newborn.

Unless a medical condition demands you to actually take a break, pushing yourself is okay but at Week 38 you might want to consider beginning with the maternity leave. Here is why –

  1. Life is going to change in ways you never imagined, make most of the opportunity now to spend some quality me-time! Catch up on that book you have been meaning to!
  2. You are worrying about the baby and caring for her, but it is yourself you need to worry about first. Your body needs the rest and taking that time off now can give the body time to relax. Get that foot massage your feet are yearning for.
  3. Your mind too needs to de-stress. Working till the very end means your mind too has additional stress which the break could help relieve. Catch up with friends for a good chat.
  4. This would be a good time to sort out the last minute arrangements to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood and also make it easier to bring the baby and all her stuff home. So clear out all the unwanted stuff and make space for the baby’s things.
  5. It will be sometime before you and your partner get some time together again. Enjoy some time alone with your husband now!

And remember, you need to put yourself and your happiness first. If that means taking leave and lazing in bed all day, so be it!