Why being relaxed and positive is good for your baby

Having a baby can be very stressful on the pregnant woman. This stress is of course

detrimental to her health and that of her baby’s. Prolonged stress means the increased

hormones and chemicals caused by stress and anxiety cross over to the baby via the

placenta. Stress also makes you tired and exhausted leaving you with little energy and

time to devote to take care of yourself and the baby.

Being positive can help one reduce or eliminate stress completely and prepare for a

calm and relaxed birth. Being positive does not mean that unpleasant situations will

not occur; it means that you approach a negative situation being more positive and

productive and thinking the best will happen. There are a lot of benefits of being

positive – decreasing rate of depression, lowering levels of distress, making one

relaxed and equipping us with better skills to endure hardships and stressful times.

Depression is quite common during pregnancy because of the numerous changes,

hormonal changes, etc. Being depressed can affect the baby and also the ability of the

mother to take care of herself and the unborn baby.

Another effective way of handling stress is being relaxed or practising relaxation


The benefits of being relaxed are plenty:

 You feel better equipped to cope with stress

 Gives you time-outs from problems and difficulties which could otherwise get


 Helps handle pain and aches and reduce effects of fatigue and tiredness, making

you feel refreshed

 Helps fight panic when contractions begin

 Helps you reserve energy for more use during labour