Why a c-section may not be the best option for you or your child

cesarean delivery side effects

Why cesarean delivery is not the best option?

As your D-day gets closer you definitely are thinking more about the actual delivery process and worrying about how you are going to get through it. You might be considering a C-Sec purely because the thought of labour pains scares you or your Doctor might be suggesting a C-Section for no apparent reason. It is important you do not let either of these sway your decision unless of course you do have a medical condition which warrants you to have a C-Section; in which case don’t worry too much about that you are doing what is best for you and your baby.

What is a caesarean section?

A caesarean section or C-section is considered a major surgical procedure in which the baby is born through a cut made in the mother’s abdomen rather than being born through the vaginal passage. A caesarean section is carried out under a local anaesthesia where the lower half of the body is numbed. Some hospitals and doctors however prefer to perform this procedure under general anaesthesia.

Cesarean delivery side effects

Physical recovery for Mom and baby 

It has been determined that one of the most common reasons that babies find breastfeeding hard is because of a c-section where the mother is in recovery and they are given milk substitutes in the first few hours after birth. Mother’s who have just gone through surgery are also less likely to start breast feeding because she is dealing with pain, tiredness and stress.

Bonding between Mother and baby

Mothers who have just had a c-section are naturally more focussed on their own recovery and may find it hard to focus on the new baby. Babies too, who have been born through c-section don’t get the hormone rush that they would otherwise get in the case of a vaginal delivery that helps them to feed and bond.


Most women are told stories about the horrors of labor pain but few really consider the recovery process in the case of a cesarean section. A c- section is a major abdominal surgery. The anesthetic will make some women nauseated. It’s also very unsettling for the body to have organs taken out and then placed back inside. In all, recovery from a c-section is a long process.

Cons of a C-section for the mother

While most women will usually recover from both surgical and vaginal delievries without many complications, it takes much more time to heal from cesarean section, which is a major abdominal surgery. After cesarean section, the most common complications for the mother are:

  • Infection in the stitches
  • Excessive blood loss.
  • A blood clot in the lungs or in the legs
  • Nausea, vomiting, and bad headaches after the delivery. This is related to the anaesthetic that is administered for the procedure.
  • Bowel issues which include constipation. This happens when the intestines cannot move the waste material normally.
  • The c-section procedure could result in injury to another organ like the bladder.
  • In some cases a c-section and the complications from it could even result in maternal death, though such cases are very very rare these days.
  • It is definitely a way more expensive affair.
  • It also means a longer stay at the hospital. Usually a C-Section means you having to stay at the hospital for 4-5 days.

Cons of C-section for babies

  • An accidental injury could be caused to the baby during delivery.
  • Some babies may need special care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after delivery to get their lungs working properly.
  • Babies delivered through c-section tend to have immature lungs and may suffer from breathing problems. This can happen in a planned caesarean section where the due date has been miscalculated.
  • Babies may develop complications with breastfeeding when they are not put to the mother’s breast right away.
  • They may also immune-related problems such as asthma and allergies. The mortality rate of is higher in voluntary C-Sections.

It is always better to make an informed decision so do weigh your pros and cons before making your final decision because at the end of it you want what is best for your baby and you!