Baby shopping: Things to buy for baby

baby shopping

Baby shopping: What to buy for baby (if you are buying)

Normally, in our culture, it is considered bad luck to buy baby stuff before birth. But for the sake of practicality, if you must buy for the baby, check out the list given below.

If this is your first baby, you're probably overwhelmed with the number of things that people are telling you that you’ll be needing for when the baby comes. But then everyone is different and while there are a lot of must haves there are also many things that you could do without. So, for now, focus on the baby necessities such that you know that you are spending money on the things that you need. Once the baby arrives, you'll not have much time to go shopping for the baby.

The following baby shopping list includes most of the important things that you will need:

Clothes - Usually in India, relatives offer to lend hand-me-downs, which is considered to be lucky. Also, it makes practical sense. But there is only so much you can borrow. Buy soft cotton clothes, preferably t-shirts and onesies. A newborn baby will need more clothes than you may probably think. This is because babies spit up, have diaper spills and drool a lot! Try to have at least five one-piece bodysuits, 5-10 sleepers or sleep sacks, few pairs of socks, a few hats, and soft warm sweaters if the season is cold.

Car seat - A lot of people are now investing in a car seat very early on since it is much easier to get around with the baby safely. Discuss this with your spouse early on and buy one now if you are both agreed on the concept.

Food. If you're planning to feed the baby formula, make sure that you have a good supply in advance. Even if you plan to breastfeed, it is useful to have some formula and bottles handy.

Blankets. It makes good sense to stock up on these inexpensive staples. Most babies get the best sleep swaddled up in a soft blanket. Any cozy baby blanket will work just fine.

Crib or bassinet. Unless you are planning on having the baby sleep on your bed, your baby will need a place to sleep. It could either be a crib, a small bassinet or as a lot of folks prefer, a swing.

Stroller or body baby carrier. Both work great for taking the baby out. The former is more a necessity these days and the latter lets you get around your business handsfree, with your baby snuggled close to you.

Diapers. Whether you plan to use cloth or disposable, diapers are sure to become a big part in your daily routine. Now is the time to stock up on these!

Waterproof sheet. A lot of women prefer to use cloth diapers and in such a scenario it becomes necessary to line your bed with a waterproof sheet such that your bed linen doesn’t become wet.

Mosquito net. It is imperative to get a small mosquito net which is portable so that it can be put to cover your baby wherever he/she sleeps.

Baby soap, lotion, powder. These are toiletries you’ll need for the baby right away.

Soft towel to wipe the baby including Wet wipes

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