Weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain in pregnancy

Worrying about weight gain in pregnancy

Weight gain is very normal in pregnancy. Your body is growing and it is nurturing a new unborn human being. Sustaining two bodies, minds and souls needs a lot of nourishment and for that you need to eat a lot of healthy food. As the baby grows, you gain weight which makes you look chubbier than usual. By the end of pregnancy, you would have gained about 10.5-11 kgs more than your pre-pregnancy weight. Where does this weight come from?

  • At birth, your baby weighs between 2.8 kg and 3.3 kg
  • As pregnancy progresses, the muscle layer of the womb develops to up to 0.9 kg.
  • The placenta that nourishes the baby weighs 0.5 kg
  • Your breasts gain 0.4 kg
  • Blood volume increases to an extra 1.2 kg.
  • The extra fluids and the amniotic fluid around the baby weighs around 2.6 kg
  • You will also gain an extra layer of fat during your pregnancy for energy for breastfeeding. This extra layer weighs about 2.5 kg.

All this weight gain happens gradually as the pregnancy progresses and is carefully monitored by the doctor with every visit. The doctor also calculates your Body Mass Index and keeps a close watch on that. She carefully notes any spike in weight that might raise a red flag. As long as the weight gain is steady, don’t worry about the weight gain. After delivering the little bundle of joy, you will gradually lose that weight with help of proper diet and weight gain.