week 22: Depression and pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a happy phase for everyone. A lot of women suffer from depression and it is considered that the increase of hormones rapidly at the onset of pregnancy affects the brain and thus leads to depression.Most women would dismiss depression or assume it to be common moodiness, but if one feels extremely low one should consult with the doctor.Depression must not be ignored as it is essential to be emotionally well during the pregnancy too. If not treated properly it could put one in the risk of a preterm labour. Also it affects your taking care of yourself and eventually the baby.You might be at an increased risk of depression if – your family has a history of depression, if you are experiencing difficulties in relationship, if there has been a stress of fertility treatments, etc.If you find nothing fun or enjoyable, are sad or feel empty on most days, have difficulty focusing or concentrating, are extremely irritable or cry excessively, have issues sleeping, etc. you are most probably depressed and must consult your doctor. If you cannot go about your daily chores normally or if you have thoughts of harming yourself consult a specialist immediately.You could try the following to help ease your depression symptoms:
  •  Remember you are the first priority and thus take it easy. Do things that help you relax and make you feel good about yourself
  •  Spend a lot of time bonding with your partner. You could take a holiday, just the two of you
  • Talk about what plagues you with friends and family. It will help manage your fears
  • Each time you sense your stress beginning to build up take a break. Do not let it get to the extent that it is too much to bear.