Your body this week- WEEK 19

Your body is growing now and it is going to continue to do so in the coming weeks. Youmay feel more wobbly now with the shifting centre of gravity.You might begin to experience some aches and pains now. You may experience ‘roundligament pain’ which is from the ligaments supporting the uterus stretching. It mayfeel like a pain in the lower abdomen or a stabbing pain to the side(s). This is nothingto worry but call your gynaecologist if the pain persists even when you rest or getssevere.Your hands may begin to redden thanks to the increase in estrogen. You may havesome patches of darkened skin on your upper lip, cheeks and forehead due to increasein pigments (thanks to your hormones!) this is known as the ‘chloasma’ or ‘mask ofpregnancy’ This should go away once the baby is born but till then protect yourself inthe sun where pigmentation increases. You may also notice now the ‘linea nigra’ or‘dark line’ which is the darkened line running from your belly button to the pubic bone.