Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

heels during pregnany

Can I wear heels during my pregnancy?

If you are someone who is used to wearing heels, not wearing them could not be something you could let go of easily. Overall it might be safer if you do not wear heels during this time. A lot of gynaecologists will also suggest that you stop wearing them now and with good reason.

Effects of wearing heels during pregnancy:

  • When you wear your heels, your calf muscles are contracted leading to muscle cramps. This could be aggravated during a pregnancy.
  • Heels alter your posture where the pelvic muscles are bent forward. The weight gain during the pregnancy to the front of the body further alters the posture leading to a back ache. Also the pressure put on the pelvic and back joints (loosened during pregnancy) further aggravates the back ache.
  • As your ankles are weaker wearing heels may make you lose your sense of balance a little. A fall from the heels when pregnant could be risky for you and the baby.
  • Many women have a problem of edema or swelling of feet, ankles and legs during pregnancy. Wearing heels in this condition can further aggravate the condition.

Now being safe is sensible but if you have to wear heels

Cautions to take while wearing heels in pregnancy:

  • Wear them only for special occasions
  • Wear heels which are lower and sturdier
  • Avoid walking or standing in them for long stretches and take a break periodically
  • If you experience discomfort, stretch your calf muscles and try massaging your feet

And always remember, comfort over fashion, any day, especially that you are pregnant. Take a call based on how your feet are feeling, and any time you experience discomfort, switch your footwear.