Ways to Tell Your Child You’re Pregnant

Ways to Tell Your Child You're Pregnant

Ways to Tell Your Child You're Pregnant

Already have a child? You could be worried now about how he/ she would take you your pregnancy?

The situation is a little tricky definitely because unlike when you give the news to elders who are always most definitely happy for you. The little one (varies with age, sex and the current mood) could have mixed reactions ranging from being kicked to confused to anxious or he might not be bothered at all!

The arrival of the new baby is definitely a big change for you but it is a big change for your older child too whose world still revolves around his mom. Telling him about the pregnancy, explaining to him what is about to happen and preparing him for the new one could help make the transition a little smoother. So first you need to tell him about the pregnancy!

  • If you have any health issues or complications which are visible to him – morning sickness or you have been advised bed rest, etc. tell him about the news earlier could be better, otherwise you could wait till the second trimester. You are beginning to show and know all is well with the coming baby.
  • Paint an honest picture of how life is going to be with the new baby around. Painting a picture where the little baby will be a friend right now won’t help, be clear that that is still sometime away; explain that initially all the baby will do is cry and sleep.
  • You could show him your ultrasound scans which could make him feel more involved. You could keep comparing the baby’s size to a fruit at the various stages, makes it easier to connect while also being fun.
  • Bring out his baby pictures and look at them together. He might be able to understand better what is going to happen.
  • Most importantly, if you feel he is not too keen to get details do not go sharing too much information. Not wanting to discuss the new baby is perfectly okay.