Ways to Get Dad Involved in Pregnancy

Ways to get dad involved in pregnancy

Reading/singing to your baby: How to get the dad involved in your pregnancy

You are the one carrying the baby in your womb and experiencing all the symptoms (good and bad) of pregnancy. You have doctor appointments to go to, ultrasounds to be done or having a baby shower. The dad-to-be still is not experiencing your pregnancy in any way and that is possibly why you feel your partner does not understand what pregnancy is all about. He will possibly only realise once he has to stay awake nights or change nappies.

Tips to get your husband involved in your pregnancy

Here is how you could get him involved in your pregnancy:

  • Include him when announcing your pregnancy to the family. Even when announcing it online you could take care to mention it as “we are expecting!”
  • Schedule gynaecologist visits based on his availability. Sure your schedule is more important here but this will help him understand what is going on.
  • Be sure to take him to the ultrasounds. Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat can make the baby more real and make him want to bond.
  • Let him feel the baby’s kicks and nudges.
  • You could suggest that he sing to you (the baby) from time to time. This helps the little one associate with daddy’s voice too and bond better.
  • You could also have him read to the baby.
  • You could suggest to his friends to have something parallel to a baby shower for him too. They could just celebrate by doing all the things they love doing together with none of the women folk in the way.
  • Listen to his opinions and views regarding the baby. It is his baby too even if he is not carrying it inside him for 9 months.